Political Studies Review: OnlineFirst


My forthcoming article in Political Studies Review, ‘Democracy: Trap, Tragedy or Crisis?’ is now available through SAGE’s OnlineFirst. It is a synthesis review of a series of recent books considering whether democracy is in crisis, or experiencing multiple crises. This is a topic that will presumably only be increasing in significance. Here is the abstract:

A quarter of a century after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the confidence once surrounding liberal democracy has been replaced with increasing concerns over its health. Reflecting this change of mood, there has been a proliferation of books examining whether democracy may be in crisis. This review surveys some of these recent contributions, which are united by a much more pessimistic tone. As these books detail, democracy now confronts major problems in essentially every sphere, with changes in the economic realm arguably being the most consequential. Rather than theorising more expansive forms of democracy, the challenge increasingly seems to be one of holding onto what we already have.

If you have access, you can download the article here, otherwise the original version (before revisions) can be downloaded here.