Millennium article available

milldemocThis year’s annual Millennium conference is on the politics of time in IR. Unfortunately I am not able to make it this year, but an older article of mine relevant to the conference has been available for free this month. The article is entitled ‘Beyond the End of History: The Need for a “Radical Historicisation” of Democracy in International Relations’. I argue that there is a tendency to remove democracy from the historical context in which it developed, which has had negative consequences for how we understand its current role and future potential. This was a precursor to what I explore in much greater length in my 2015 book with Edinburgh University Press, The Rise of Democracy. I think the arguments I make in the article and book have some extra relevance in light of the recent travails of established democracies exemplified by Brexit and the Trump presidency. The perspective I develop tries to chart a course between excessive confidence and equally misleading pessimism.

Click on this link to read the article for free. Thanks to SAGE and Millennium for making the piece available more widely.